MODA Magazine was founded back in 2003, as the first of the MODA branches. Established as a means for students at the University of Chicago to interrogate and explore their stylish leanings, the magazine acts as an opportunity for individuals to take their intellectually rigorous thinking and apply it to the world of fashion. It is at this intersection of creative and academic thought that we believe one can ask - and hopefully answer - some deeply challenging and rewarding questions of fashion, both as an art and as an industry. Since our founding, we’ve put out over fifty issues and been highlighted by Teen Vogue as one of the best college fashion publications in the nation. Entirely run and produced by students, MODA Magazine is a unique showcase for talent on campus. Our team is made up of a 36 person strong editorial board and 25 writers. For some insight into how far we've come, feel free to look over some of our pre-revolution issues.